EBAN Investor day

eSports and Gaming – 31.7.2019

Investor Day

Networking with Brella

When it comes to professional networking, there’s one way to meet like-minded people. Brella is the solution that you’ve been looking for to make networking with other event guests or viewers quick and easy. You can create an account, browse through profiles, and request meetings! See the detailed instructions below.

Networking via Brella in Business Rally Investor Day 2019

  1. Download the Brella App from App Store & Google Play and use  a join code: BusinessRally2019 or join via link: https://next.brella.io/join/BusinessRally2019
  2. Start by signing in and completing your Brella profile and personal intro.
  3. Choose from interest categories what you are seeking for and offering in this event. Through your selections Brella will help you network with other event attendees and create valuable connection.
  4. Suggest meetings. You can also accept, reschedule or cancel the received meeting requests

If any questions related to Brella, please contact support@brella.io